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Set DescriptionCardPlayer(s)StockPrice
Buy it Today1987 Donruss Base Set29Myers, Randy156$0.18
Buy it Today1987 Fleer Update85Myers, Randy91$0.18
Buy it Today1987 Topps Base Set213Myers, Randy537$0.13
Buy it Today1988 Donruss Base Set620Myers, Randy264$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Donruss Baseball's Best265Myers, Randy23$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Fleer Base Set146Myers, Randy169$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Score Base Set336Myers, Randy99$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Score Glossy336Myers, Randy1$0.88
Buy it Today1988 Topps Base Set412Myers, Randy230$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Topps Rookies12Myers, Randy4$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Toys'R'Us Rookies21Myers, Randy28$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Bowman Base Set374Myers, Randy129$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Classic Travel Edition Purple Series197Myers, Randy12$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Donruss Baseball's Best153Myers, Randy12$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Fleer Base Set46Myers, Randy193$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Kahn's Mets19Myers, Randy2$0.18
Buy it Today1989 O-Pee-Chee Base Set104Myers, Randy2$0.18
Buy it Today1989 O-Pee-Chee Stickers97Myers, Randy1$5.00
Buy it Today1989 Panini Stickers135Myers, Randy13$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Score Base Set306Myers, Randy127$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Score Young Superstars I41Myers, Randy20$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Topps Base Set610Myers, Randy282$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Topps O-Pee-Chee Sticker Backs66Myers, Randy20$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Upper Deck Base Set634Myers, Randy247$0.14
Buy it Today1990 Bowman Base Set47Myers, Randy102$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Classic Baseball107Myers, Randy26$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Classic Yellow18Myers, Randy53$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Donruss Base Set336Myers, Randy296$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Donruss Best N.L.88Myers, Randy7$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Fleer Base Set213Myers, Randy212$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Leaf Base Set149Myers, Randy119$0.18
Buy it Today1990 O-Pee-Chee Base Set105Myers, Randy1$0.50
Buy it Today1990 Panini Stickers307Myers, Randy2$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Publications International Stickers142Myers, Randy2$0.25
Buy it Today1990 Score Base Set351Myers, Randy165$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Score Traded16TMyers, Randy94$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Topps Stickers100Myers, Randy2$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Topps Traded78TMyers, Randy216$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Upper Deck Base Set797Myers, Randy138$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Upper Deck Base Set581Myers, Randy254$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Bowman Base Set666Myers, Randy55$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Classic Collector's Edition114Myers, Randy3$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Classic Series II32Myers, Randy10$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Donruss Base Set209Myers, Randy185$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Fleer Base Set73Myers, Randy104$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Leaf Base Set504Myers, Randy124$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Mets WIZ290Myers, Randy6$0.25
Buy it Today1991 O-Pee-Chee Base Set780Myers, Randy3$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Panini Canadian Top 1582Myers, Randy1$0.50
Buy it Today1991 Panini French Stickers135Myers, Randy1$0.50
Buy it Today1991 Panini Stickers121Myers, Randy9$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Score 100 Superstars79Myers, Randy10$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Score Base Set501Myers, Randy155$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Score Base Set662Myers, Randy140$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Score Base Set885Myers, Randy146$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Stadium Club Base Set275Myers, Randy81$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Ultra Base Set97Myers, Randy111$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Upper Deck Base Set371Myers, Randy383$0.13
Buy it Today1992 Bowman Base Set154Myers, Randy80$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Donruss Base Set624Myers, Randy162$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Fleer Base Set413Myers, Randy123$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Fleer Update123Myers, Randy1$0.81
Buy it Today1992 O-Pee-Chee Base Set24Myers, Randy16$0.18
Buy it Today1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier104Myers, Randy52$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Score Base Set155Myers, Randy91$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Score Traded12Myers, Randy7$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Bowman Base Set32Myers, Randy44$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Diamond Marks80Myers, Randy35$0.20
Buy it Today1993 Finest Base Set182Myers, Randy4$0.30
Buy it Today1993 Flair Base Set19Myers, Randy58$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Fleer Base Set522Myers, Randy37$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Fleer Final Edition10Myers, Randy13$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Leaf Base Set358Myers, Randy112$0.13
Buy it Today1993 O-Pee-Chee Base Set215Myers, Randy22$0.18
Buy it Today1993 O-Pee-Chee Premier33Myers, Randy39$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Pinnacle Base Set549Myers, Randy55$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Score Base Set607Myers, Randy27$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Score Select Rookie/Traded25Myers, Randy12$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Score Select Stat Leaders71Myers, Randy164$0.18
Buy it Today1993 SP Base Set87Myers, Randy40$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Stadium Club Base Set44Myers, Randy73$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Stadium Club Base Set667Myers, Randy146$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Stadium Club Cubs16Myers, Randy2$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Stadium Club Members Only Parallel667Myers, Randy3$0.50
Buy it Today1993 Topps Base Set302Myers, Randy198$0.13
Buy it Today1993 Topps Traded65Myers, Randy37$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Ultra Base Set317Myers, Randy49$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Upper Deck Base Set283Myers, Randy243$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Upper Deck Fun Packs83Myers, Randy29$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Bowman Base Set194Myers, Randy53$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Bowman Bowman's Best58RMyers, Randy41$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Donruss Base Set399Myers, Randy61$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Donruss Triple Play76Myers, Randy24$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Finest Base Set357Myers, Randy23$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Flair Base Set139Myers, Randy27$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Fleer Base Set392Myers, Randy36$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Fleer Extra Bases221Myers, Randy8$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Leaf Base Set396Myers, Randy62$0.18
Buy it Today1994 O-Pee-Chee Base Set119Myers, Randy15$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Pacific Base Set105Myers, Randy33$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Panini Stickers155Myers, Randy3$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Pinnacle Base Set271Myers, Randy64$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Score Base Set534Myers, Randy54$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Score Select22Myers, Randy58$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Bazooka Base Set123Myers, Randy17$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Donruss Base Set99Myers, Randy36$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Finest Base Set204Myers, Randy34$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Flair Base Set10Myers, Randy4$0.20
Buy it Today1996 Fleer Base Set323Myers, Randy12$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Fleer Circa6Myers, Randy20$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Fleer Orioles12Myers, Randy3$0.29
Buy it Today1996 Fleer Update7Myers, Randy22$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Pacific Base Set19Myers, Randy17$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Panini Stickers43Myers, Randy2$0.25
Buy it Today1996 Panini Stickers119Myers, Randy3$0.25
Buy it Today1996 Score Base Set161Myers, Randy62$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Score Dugout Collection94Myers, Randy30$0.18
Buy it Today1996 SP Base Set34Myers, Randy33$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Stadium Club Base Set15Myers, Randy38$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Stadium Club Base Set265Myers, Randy10$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Stadium Club Extreme Players Bronze14Myers, Randy1$1.00
Buy it Today1996 Stadium Club Members Only30Myers, Randy6$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Topps Base Set198Myers, Randy113$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Topps Chrome66Myers, Randy7$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Topps Gallery62Myers, Randy7$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Topps Laser126Myers, Randy16$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Topps Team ToppsC198Myers, Randy2$0.20
Buy it Today1996 Ultra Base Set308Myers, Randy18$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Upper Deck Collectors Choice85Myers, Randy41$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Upper Deck Collectors Choice761Myers, Randy11$0.18
Buy it Today1997 Donruss Base Set299Myers, Randy61$0.18
Buy it Today1997 Donruss Base Set207Myers, Randy69$0.18
Buy it Today1997 Finest Base Set91Myers, Randy56$0.18
Buy it Today1997 Fleer Base Set11Myers, Randy27$0.18
Buy it Today1997 Fleer Circa92Myers, Randy15$0.18
Buy it Today1997 Pacific Base Set27Myers, Randy18$0.18
Buy it Today1997 Score Base Set190Myers, Randy63$0.18 is not affiliated with or endorsed by Major League Baseball (MLB), the Major League Players Association (MLBPA) or the Cincinnati Reds Baseball Club. Images and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and copyright of their respective manufacturers. They are presented here for entertainment and informational purposes only.